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Our Amazing Features

We have built some amazing features to help you crack IAS the AI way.

GPT Turbo Model

Accelerated Insights

Experience blazing-fast responses with advanced GPT Turbo Model. Precision meets speed for unparalleled efficiency.

Highly Prompt Engineered

Optimized Interactions

Tailored prompts for maximum effectiveness. Enjoy enhanced accuracy and relevancy in every interaction.

Vector Embedding Search

Smart Search

Leverage cutting-edge vector embedding for deep, intuitive searches. Find exactly what you need, swiftly and accurately.

Affordable Subscription

Cost-Effective Access

Enjoy our AI tools at an affordable price. Exceptional value meets quality service for all your needs.

AI Tools

Our amazing AI Tools

We have built some amazing AI tools to help you crack IAS the AI way.

UPSC PYQs Finder

UPSC PYQs Finder

A specialized search tool powered by AI to sift through a vast database of previous years' questions, using advanced algorithms to enhance search relevance and efficiency.

Relevance Finder

Relevance Finder

A tool to find the relevance of any given text to the UPSC syllabus, using advanced algorithms to enhance search relevance and efficiency.

Mains Answer Evaluator

Mains Answer Evaluator

This AI tool evaluates user-submitted answers, providing feedback based on criteria like relevance, structure, and content quality.

Mains QAs Data Bank

Mains QAs Data Bank

A repository of questions and answers for the UPSC Mains exam, including AI evaluations of the answers.


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Crack IAS the AI way.

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